We track and test our products, following strict processes and codes, so we can be absolutely sure about provenance and quality. It’s the most important thing we do.

We start well before a seed is planted, appointing growers we know and selecting hybrid types to match soil and location. We know exactly where the seeds are planted and work closely with growers to manage crops through to harvest.

Traceability | Corson

Identity Preservation System

Be Sure

After harvest and on arrival at our plant, every load is tested, and samples fully labelled by grower, paddock and hybrid for full traceability. The maize continues being traced through the drying process and on to storage in silos. The movement of hybrids is carefully monitored between drying, storage and the mill, ensuring identity preservation at every step.

Testing and tracing continues throughout the entire milling process with finished milled products being packaged and coded for traceability. Certificates of analysis are completed for every product despatched from our warehouse, so our customers can be sure of accurate, consistent traceability from the field right through to every product they receive.

Traceability | Corson

We take, and store, samples from throughout our milling process.