Corson Specs Grits | Corson


We mill two types of grits, used in the manufacture of corn flakes and breakfast cereals.

Corson Specs Polenta | Corson


Our polenta are used in a range of snack foods, cereals, bread and brewing grits.

Corson Specs Semolina | Corson


Suitable for use in the manufacture of extruded snack foods, breakfast cereals, bread and brewing grits.

Corson Specs Hominy | Corson


This is a high energy meal valued as an ingredient by manufacturers of pet foods and stock feeds.

Corson Specs Kibbledgrit | Corson

Kibbled Grit

This is a tasty milled maize product used in breakfast cereals and baking.

Corson Specs Popcorn | Corson


We create delicious, food grade butterfly popcorn.

Corson Specs Maizeflour | Corson

Maize Flour

Our ground yellow flour is used in pre-mix bakery products, batters and sauces, while our whole grain flour is used for health focused products.

Corson Specs Wholemaize | Corson

Whole Maize

Our whole maize is a tasty ingredient in corn chips and tortillas.


Quality Control

Our quality control kicks in well before the first seed is planted and continues long after our products have been dispatched. We apply robust inspection processes, adhere to strict safety standards and can accurately trace our maize to the very paddock it was grown in. Our products help feed the world, so quality and safety will always come first.

Product Specs & Certifications - Quality Control | Corson
Product Specs & Certifications - Quality Control | Corson