We have long standing relationships with our Queensland growers, working closely to ensure the best GMO-free maize crops year on year. With such excellent growing conditions and high cropping standards we recently invested in six new silos to increase our onsite storage capacity growing from 3,000 to 13,800 tonnes.

Mill Climate | Corson

Sunny subtropical climate
The Warwick area is slightly elevated with hot summers and cool winters.

Mill Soil | Corson

High soil fertility
The area’s black, grey and brown cracking clay soils are fertile, with high water capacity.

Warwick Australia | Corson
Warwick Australia | Corson
Warwick Australia | Corson


for Years

Partners for generations

Season upon season we’ve enjoyed honest, open and productive working relationships with our grower partners. We’ve stuck together through the tough years and celebrated the good ones. It’s these strong relationships that we’ve built our business on, and together they’ll ensure our future sustainability.

Corson Growers - Rod Petersen | Corson

I’ve been in this business for 50 years, and my father, and grandfather before that.

Rod Petersen Growing Partner

There’s been a mill on our Warwick site for over 140 years, milling maize from the Southern Downs and around Queensland and the eastern states.  We know this land and our grower families well.