Autumn is a golden time when our maize is harvested and brought into our plants for storage and then on to milling. From the field, to the weighbridge and from silo to silo the kernels are sampled, tested and protected to preserve every ounce of goodness and flavour.

Storing the Goodness | Corson


Nothing left to chance

The kernels of maize are harvested off the cob from our fields in New Zealand and Australia. Every load is tested to a number of quality standards, with samples fully labelled by grower, paddock and hybrid for full traceability.

The maize is then stored in silos dedicated to particular hybrids and kept dry, stable and safe for 12-15 months with ongoing testing and rotation at regular intervals. This allows for re-inspection of the grain and is a key part of our quality programme for storage of maize as it awaits milling. Nothing is left to chance and everything is done to maintain the quality and characteristics our products are so valued for.